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August 22, 2014

Wang "Rebel Pepper" Liming Fears Return To China

The Chinese cartoonist Wang Liming, known as "Rebel Pepper" when he grew to prominence via social media networks a few years back, has told a news service he fears a return to China due to a state-facilitated campaign against his satirical and sometimes critical work. He was in Japan at the time of the story; I'm not sure if the Thursday flight back refers to yesterday or six days from now.

Liming is often cited as a critical voice in modern China, and features on him have focused on both the backlash he's received and the fact that he's dependent on popular social media tools to get the word out, with it looks like about 850,000 followers split across two services. I'm not sure I'm reading him correctly, but the worry seems to be that reaction on state-run Internet sites was more thorough and pointed than usual, accusing him of being a traitor for holding the criticial views in question. It's worth following; I know that the cartoonist has had problems having access to the Internet and similar obstruction issues. It would be an egregious action for there to be formal censure or, god forbid, something even more extreme than that.
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