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April 9, 2014

Watching The Detectives: Comics People Suss Out Clues

Superman signal watches to the following:

* Jill Pantozzi at The Mary Sue ran a piece here based on a declaration by the Conan O'Brien folks that the comedian's talk show will be set up at Comic-Con International in 2015 in a theater. That's news in and of itself, as it strongly throws the spotlight on outside-of-convention-center events in a major way. It's also worth noting that the dates given by the O'Brien people are July 8-12, which would be an early Comic-Con International, right after July 4 weekend.

* comics-maker James Moore of Columbus, Ohio wrote in to mention that in the SPACE program guide it says that Nate Powell will be presenting some work related to March ahead of a planned Billy Ireland exhibit and some OSU events planned for this Fall. They announce when they're good and ready, but that would be fun if it comes off.

* a Bleeding Cool reader finds out information about a planned DC title by calling up and asking after their subscription. I'm having a hard time tracking what the storyline implcations are there, but I'm sure it's reasonably obvious or at least you'll know the context if you're taken with that fictional world. That's not really a big deal, but it does take me back to the idea you could sometimes squeeze DC news out of a PR person at corporate.
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