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March 19, 2018

We Like Hate And We Hate Everything Else


I talked to the Deconstructing Comics podcast about Peter Bagge's grand comic book Hate, and why I think Bagge's a significant figure in American comedy. I don't know, actually, but I suspect it's the way he sympathizes on some level with characters even when they act out in the worst ways. He also draws funny drawings.

I remember being similarly super-inarticulate that evening, so enjoy that, but if nothing else just know that I greatly appreciate that comic and wish there were something even halfway-like that kind of strong-narrative comedy out now. If Archie can make a relevancy comeback, why not another comedy with an Archie-structured cast? In this era of people going back and watching shows on Hulu or whatever like ER and Friends, consider the comics equivalent and bust out that Buddy in Seattle paperback. You're welcome to come to my house and borrow mine.
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