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May 29, 2014

We Live In The Humble Bundle World Now, All Hail Our New Significant Product-Moving Overlords

Heidi MacDonald caught something that completely escaped my attention: the recent Image Comics "Humble Bundle" offering that raised a bunch of money for the CBLDF was followed by a second, even more successful campaign raising money for a pair of charities and featuring Dr. Who comics and a Dr. Who game.

I did happen to catch that Top Shelf is next up to bat, with one that features cartoonists like Ed Piskor and Nate Powell.

I'm happy for successful efforts on behalf of charity, but I think what's fascinating is the idea of consuming in high volumes like this. This is something made possible by the fact that these are digital works, that these digital works tend to be back-of-catalog works and therefore not on the hook for maximizing profit like brand-new work might be, and that these companies have a staggering amount of material to offer up through these channels and according to these plans. The next two years should see a number of strategies engaged, both on behalf of charity and just generally.
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