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March 28, 2014

Well Crap, Shouldn't Everyone Be Eyeing Comixology?

For some reason, a long-simmering rumor about an eventual buyer for digital comics service comiXology has metastasized into something that people write about on the Internet. I would imagine that any time a company grows in leaps and bounds the way comiXology has over the last two years it's totally in play all the time with multiple suitors. It's sort of like predicting who will run for president amongst five or six of classically vetted politicians with that general profile.

One thing I do know is that Comixology seems devoted to continue building the company and appears poised to unfurl plans as to how they might do so in some key ways during the months ahead. So this wouldn't be one of those sales where something needs to be sold to continue moving forward. This story becomes a billion times more interesting when and if it actually happens. Right now, it's predicting certain which two of six characters on a sitcom end being married.
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