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December 12, 2013

Well, Hello To You, Too, Mr. Richard Thompson


I received a note from Caitlin McGurk at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum giving me permission to use this photo -- which I'm sure she's also placed on her Facebook feed -- of her with the cartoonist Richard Thompson, recovering from hip replacement surgery. I'd mentioned that the Reuben winner and much-missed daily strip presence had gone in for surgery but I'm not sure I ever mentioned that he made it out the other side and was in recovery. McGurk is visiting Thompson for the sake of putting together a flattering selection of his work for display in the Museum space at the library; the other cartoonist having work shown at that same time at the new facility (March 22 to July 6) will be big-time Thompson fan Bill Watterson. Thompson's originals are ridiculous-looking, particularly those he graced by painting them, so that will be something to see.

It's good to see a photo of Richard and I hope he's resting up. No nicer man in comics.
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