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February 23, 2013

What Happened Here At CR The Last Few Days


The site went kablooey the last few days, not allowing me to submit forms. That means I wasn't able to do anything new, wasn't able to change anything I'd already done (and scheduled for a future time, including placeholders) and I couldn't find anything or even click the button necessary to change the thing that needed to be changed so that it would go back to normal. If nothing else, it was a powerful metaphor for aging.

Sorry about that; we should be back on track now.

One thing this caused me to do is try out Tumblr. I'll now figure out something more permanent to do with it. Some of you suggested just re-blogging everything or even moving there, but I can't serve advertisers there in the way I need to to continue doing CR. So let me think on it.

The odd thing about the popular platforms to me is not that they all have their advantages, because they obviously do, but that people tend to lock into the platform that serves them best and start to ignore all the others. I know people on Facebook who have no use for Twitter, ditto the reverse, and some people never see anything that doesn't make it to their tumblr feed. Others haven't done a one. So how to use these places best becomes an interesting question.
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