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March 26, 2013

Will Remaining Newspaper Readers And Media Consumers Generally Be Open To Certain Kinds Of Rhetoric?

I know that I'm reading way too much into this letter about Michael Ramirez and his editorial cartoons, but I was struck by the phrase that the person wanted a conservative cartoonist, just one that didn't come across as so nasty. I've noticed this come up a lot with conservative pundits and thinkers, that there's an element of intolerable lack of charity in the way that their arguments and beliefs are presented, which I have to think is going to shape political cartooning as that field becomes less and less institutionalized and therefore I think more susceptible to the broader marketplace. It also of course makes me think there'd be a market for someone that solved that particular set of riddles in how to make work that operated on that level, but that's always been the case.
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