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May 23, 2014

WSJ: Raina's Telgemeier's Late-Summer Dropping Sisters To Enjoy Initial Print Run Of 200,000 Copies

imageThe hobby business news and analysis site caught something I hadn't; a print run discussed in a Wall Street Journal profile of the cartoonist Raina Telgemeier for her new book Sisters, placing it in the 200K range. Telgemeier's Smile has been a top-selling book for over 100 weeks now, and has a total number of one million copies in print. It is also a much-beloved book by a significant audience. Sisters is Telegemeier's second book after the big hit, following 2012's Drama. This one, however, looks to be creatively concerned with and sold as a more direct companion to that runaway success.

Sisters will see official release the last week of summer, making it a back-to-school for a lot of its audience. A tour with Kazu Kibuishi -- who will be supporting his latest Amulet volume -- is planned.

Telgemeier is a legitimate comics star now, a convention headliner, in a category that never needed to be contextualized via comparison to other categories of traditional fan interest for us to pay attention to it. It sure doesn't matter to the many happy readers who engage with comics that way. I look forward to reading the new book, and I look forward to all of Telgemeier's fans getting to read another book.
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