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January 30, 2012

Ye Gods: Rich Burlew Raises A Quarter Million To Publish Collections

This might be the place to start for the story of Rich Burlew's extremely well-received Kickstarter campaign, although it's a story I've been accessing mostly through Gary Tyrrell's Fleen in posts like this one. I'm not sure what to say about it that isn't largely self-evident. A popular comic with devoted fans buttressed by a variety of well-conceived incentives seems to work really, really well on Kickstarter -- albeit in ways that you can't replicate working from the outside in.

I continue to worry about the possible exploitation of Kickstarter mechanism by a certain stratum of publisher, in that I wonder after the benefits of working with a publisher when they are absolved of bringing capital to the table. I also think that there's a major difference between well-executed campaigns of this type and others that are simply depending on friends and well-wishers to shoulder a burden based on the personal link they have with a creator. Neither line of thinking applies to cartoonists like Burlew and Shaenon Garrity in putting together collections of their work, and I'm happy to see it done.
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