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July 16, 2014

Yesterday The PR Cycle Turned To Marvel's Thor Character

So Marvel is doing a plotline in one of their Thor comic books that involves the longtime Stan Lee/Larry Lieber/Jack Kirby-created character changing sexes. I rarely have thoughts about plotlines in superhero comic books, and I don't have any here. Additionally, I try to avoid news that could share a headline with a piece in the Daily Bugle. Still, if you're a close reader of comics culture, or interested in Marvel's history, I'm sure you can find something in the periphery of this story that will hold your attention.

Several suggestions spring to mind. First, the fact that so many media outlets remain interested in this kind of story some 15 years into Marvel's resurgence provides a snapshot of the media's orientation towards pop culture in this day and age and speaks well of Marvel's significant status as a force in that world. Second, the story was announced on the multiple-host talk-show The View, which I guess is sort of interesting in that this put the news in front of eyeballs that might not see it otherwise. Third, Marvel announced a week ahead of San Diego Con, setting up some buzz and a storyline for fans at the show -- this strategy is becoming increasingly prevalent. Fourth, there's likely a bunch of things that a close observer of that world of comics could write about companies like Marvel attempting to make their core characters more appealing to female readers, in addition to working with characters in their catalogs that are already female. Fifth, it could be a positive for Marvel's licensing department. Remember that the recent history of Marvel is not just one of comic books and movies, it's also about that company's business partnerships and their media profile.

As for the comic book itself, its creators will include writer Jason Aaron and artist Russsell Dauterman. They are accomplished comics-makers.
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