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June 6, 2012

Your 2012 Marten Toonder Prize Winner


It looks like from various wire stories that the great Joost Swarte has won this year's Marten Toonder prize. Last year's winner, as I recall, was Peter Pontiac. It comes with a $31K USD cash prize, which is pretty great no matter what award you're getting -- I'm all for cash prizes for comics awards. Swarte is not only one of the great comics artists but a fantastic designer and illustrator and maker of any number of stylish-looking, beautiful items. He should win all the awards, and it's a thrill when he does something to make the news so I can put his art on the blog. The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architect created the Toonder prize in 2009, four years after that prolific and talented artist's passing. It tends to be announced, then given out at a subsequent comics festival.
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