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December 19, 2013

Your 2013 Comics Waiting Room Best Of List

imageMarc Mason at Comics Waiting Room -- one of the sturdier survivors of a previous age of the comics Internet -- has piped in with a Best Of list that features his humble mea culpa as to why it's not grander and more authoritative. He chose five books and then named two comics, one he thought was the best he read and one he thought needed more attention.

The books:

* Boxers & Saints (First Second)
* March Vol. 1 (Top Shelf)
* Red Handed (First Second)
* The Great War, (WW Norton)
* The Initiates (NBM)

The comics:

Best Book That Needs A Bigger Audience
* The Shadow (Dynamite)
Best Single Issue Of 2013
* Sex Criminals #1 (Image)
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