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January 24, 2013

Your 2013 ComicsPro Industry Appreciation Award Nominees


According to a flurry of "why aren't you covering this?" e-mail received, the retailing organization ComicsPro has announced the nominees slate for this year's industry appreciation award. That award comes in two parts: one for a living industry contributor and a memorial award for someone that has passed away. The nominees are.

* Scott Dunbier
* Cindy Fournier
* David Gabriel
* Bill Schanes
* Eric Stephenson

Memorial Award
* Shel Dorf
* Will Eisner
* Joe Kubert
* Julie Schwartz

Bios available through that initial link. They are all deserving candidates, and there's no clear favorite in that first grouping that I can tell, which makes it sort of interesting. Everyone loves Scott Dunbier and double-loves those Artist's Editions, and retailers are also grateful for the great year that Eric Stephenson has had at Image. The award will be given out at the forthcoming ComicPro meeting in February I will be told a bunch of times I should have attended.
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