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December 4, 2013

Your 2013 SPACE Prize Finalists


The finalists for this Spring's SPACE Prizes, affiliated with the Columbus, Ohio show and I believe one of the longer-running small press prizes going, has listed its finalists drawn from material displayed at the 2013 show which will be awarded at the 2014 show.

The finalists are, by category:

Graphic Novels
* Black Rose Book One: Between Worlds, Aaron Minier And Christopher Arndt And Brandon Peat (Self-Published)
* Burning Building Comix, Jeff Zwirek (Imperial Press)
* District Comics: An Unconventional History of Washington, DC, Edited By Matt Dembicki (Fulcrum Publishing)
* Endtime: The Arrival, Gerry Kissell And Tim Kenyon (Capstan Comics)
* Homesick, Jason Walz (Tinto Press LLC)
* Little Guardians Book One, Leo Cherolis And Ed Cho (Self-Published)
* With Only Five Plums, Terry Eisele and Jonathon Riddle (Self-Published)
* Xoc: The Journey of a Great White, Matt Dembicki (Oni Press)

* Binary Gray #3-4, Chris Charton And Rowel Roque (Assailant Comics)
* Black Heart #1, Chris Charlton And David Hollenbach (Assailant Comics)
* Panel: Columbus, Edited By Sean McGurr And Dara Naraghi (Self-Published)
* Plastic Farm #22, Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm Press)
* Radio Free Gahanna #3, Joel Jackson And James Moore (2 Headed Monster Comics)
* Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy, Andrew Meyerhoefer And Seth Kumpf (So How 'Bout Comics?)
* The Signifiers #1-2, Michael Neno (MR Neno Productions)
* The Trouble w/ Love, Victor Dandridge And Harold Edge (Vantage: Inhouse Productions)
* Wild Women of the Kitty-Kat Galaxy!, Sean Frost And Rafer Roberts And Wendi Strang-Frost (Hula Cat Comics)

Mini-Comics/Short Story
* As Eavesdropped Vol. 4, Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions)
* Better Together, Ryan Clayton (Elephant Eater Comics)
* Blind Spot #2, Joseph Remnant (Self-Published)
* "Dead Air" from Dark Horse Comics, Chad Lambert And Apri Kusbiantro (Dark Horse)
* Death After a Rather Nice Lunch, Christina Wald (Pop-Smoothie)
* D-Tales #2-3, Tom Davidson (Self-Published)
* Dutchy Digest #7, Steven Hager And Bruce Rosenberger (Self-Published)
* "Free City" From Panel: Columbus, Tony Goins And Craig Bogart (Ferret Press)
* "Home" From Panel: Columbus, KT Swartz And Brent Bowman (Ferret Press)
* Iris, John Steventon (Happy Glyphs Comics)
* "It Felt Like a Kiss" from NIX Comics Quarterly #5, James Moore And Joel Jackson (NIX Comics)
* Paul & Olly, Samantha Kyle (Self-Published)
* Perpetual Motion, Pam Bliss (Self-Published)
* Ragged Rider: Eat Lead, Sasparilla Silly, Doodle Dawdlin' & Hustler Horse, Andrew Meyerhoefer And Seth Kumpf (So How 'Bout Comics?)
* Small Wars of Inconsequential Beings, Jason Hart (Self-Published)
* Traveler Seeks Gainful Employ from Ladies Chatter, Marta Tanrikulu And Leila Del Duca (Spectare Creative)
* "Urban Legend" from District Comics, Chad Lambert And Kevin Czapiewski (Fulcrum Publishing)

* From Three to Four, Chris Monday, (Flying Weevil Productions)
* Little Guardians, Lee Cherolis And Ed Cho (Self-Published)
* Mixed Drink Wednesday, Derek Baxter, Brian Canini & Dave Grant (Drunken Cat Comics)
* Mutant Elf, Steven Myers (1st Issue Comics)
* Nextuss: Search for the Ocean Shard Vol. 1, Thomas Hotka And Trey Peterson (515 Comics)
* Thirty Four, Chris Monday, (Flying Weevil Productions)
* Zombi Marge Comix, Tim Fuller (Hooha Comics)
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