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January 22, 2014

Your 2014 Prix Artemisia Winner: Catel's Ainsi Soit Benoite Groult

imageAinsi soit Benoite Groult by Catel and published by Grasset won this year's Prix Artemisia, as announced on January 11. The award goes to comics produced by one or more women. Benoite Groult is a noted and much-lauded feminist author. The award was presented to the the cartoonist at a book signing on January 16th.

The other nominees for 2014 were:

* C'est toi ma maman?, Alison Bechdel (Denoel Graphic)
* Dark room, Lila Quintero Weaver (Steinkis)
* Eve sur la balancoire, Nathalie Ferlut (Casterman)
* Jane, le renard et moi, Fanny Britt & Isabelle Arsenault (La Pastèque)
* L'Heure du loup, Rachel Deville (L'Apocalypse)
* La Propriété, Rutu Modan (Actes Sud)
* La Tendresse des pierres, Marion Fayolle (Magnani)
* Le Cirque, Surducan Ileana (Makaka)
* Les Filles de Montparnasse Volume Three: Les jupes noires, Nadja (Olivus)
* Les Incrustacés, Rita Mercedes (L'Association)
* Mauvais genre, Chloé Cruchaudet (Delcourt)
* Moscou endiablé, Bettina Egger (Le Moule a gaufre)

Previous winners were:

* 2008: Johanna Schipper
* 2009: Tankxxx & Lisa Mandel
* 2010: Laureline Mattiussi
* 2011: Ulli Lust
* 2012: Claire Braud
* 2013: Jeanne Puchol

Groult was also on hand for the award presentation. As far as I know the book is not up for any of the awards at the forthcoming Angouleme Festival, but I could have that completely wrong. Catel Muller is in the prime of her career, and more of her work can be seen here.
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