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May 28, 2014

Your April 2014 SAW Micro-Grant Winners

Sequential Artists Workshop announced the two most recent winners of their intermittently offered micro-grant program. The April 2014 winners are Keren Katz and Julian Voloj. Katz won for an ongoing work, "Plans to Go to St Frances and Take Up Astronomyā€¯; Voloj won for a work in progress wiht the illustrator Claudia Ahlering, Warrior/Peacemaker. Both works are described in full through the link; the Volojo collaboration is current looking for a publisher.

Runners up were Ink Brick and Baggywrinkles. Honorable Mention was Kerbop. The Workshop also mentioned they received requests for grants for comics teaching, which is outside the purview of this particular reward.

The grant is sponsored in part by the Will and Ann Eisner Family Foundation.
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