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December 9, 2013

Your List Of Michael Dooley-Picked Best Design Books/Digital Works With A Graphic Narrative Slant


Michael Dooley over at Print's on-line presence has picked a list of books he describes as his "latest list of best design books, with a slant toward graphic narrative." He claims the medium has been much on the mind lately, and I won't complain.

His choices are:

1. The Art of Rube Goldberg: (A) Inventive (B) Cartoon (C) Genius
2. Peter Maresca's Society Is Nix Anthology
3. IDW's Artist Editions: Best of EC
4. Goddamn This War!
5. Iron Bound
6. Trina Robbins' Pretty In Ink
7. Ivan Brunetti's Aesthetics: A Memoir

Dooley goes into each choice for about a paragraph or so.
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