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December 9, 2013

Your Paste Magazine List Of Best Comics Artists Of 2013


I'm coming to this one way late, but a crew of writers at Paste -- Hillary Brown, Robert Tutton, Mark Rozeman and Sean Edgar -- have assembled a list of really good artists working in comics during 2013, in part a celebration of the diversity of styles on display. Their choices are:

10. Noelle Stevenson, for Nimona
9. Sean Murphy, for The Wake and Punk Rock Jesus
8. Dash Shaw, for New School
7. Mike Allred, for FF
6. David Aja, for Hawkeye
5. Nate Powell, for March
4. Paul Pope, for Battling Boy
3. J.H. Williams III, for Batwoman and Sandman: Overture
2. Jae Lee, for Batman/Superman
1. Fiona Staples, for Saga
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