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September 7, 2010

10,000 Copies of Graphic Novel Designed To Warn Youth About Extremism To Be Distributed In Indonesia

imageOne of the more interesting feature stories about a graphic novel project to hit the international wires in quite some time did so over Labor Day weekend: the publication and distribution of Ketika Nurani Bicara, translated in English as When the Conscience Speaks. The book's story of surviving Bali resort hotel bombing terrorist Ali Imron from young Muslim to extremist recruit to perpetrator of the sprawling country's deadliest-ever terrorist attack in October 2002 (killing 202 people) to life-sentence recipient will initially see 10,000 copies distributed to libraries and schools. The not-for-profit behind the book, Lasuardi Birru, hopes that the book will fulfill a desperate need to engage young people targeted for recruitment by the kinds of organizations likely to engage in terrorist acts, and thus act as a complement to a hit-and-miss strategy since that resort bombing of severe counter-measures.

While many of the articles are going with the terrorist-as-subject lead-in and then ironically nudging the article into the direction of the project's true aims, Imron was already well-known for expressing doubt and remorse at his trial, avoiding the death penalty because of it and his cooperation. Apparently, between Imron's initial reluctance and the bureaucracy that surrounds working with such a high-profile prisoner, the book took longer than expected to produce.
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