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January 4, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: Issues Of Diversity, Harassment, Opportunity Gain Crucial Momentum

imageThere's no greater positive on this entire list than the overall, insistent push that issues revolving around gender, orientation, identity, class and race in comics get a just hearing and that it's attendant on every single person with a professional stake in comics to make a better industry within comics and help fashion a better community without based on humane values. This is exhausting, hard and sometimes excruciating work; but it works against a state of affairs that is far more exhausting, much harder and perhaps doubly excruciating for certain people just maybe not you: an intolerable status quo.

We can disagree on some of these matters issue to issue and in terms of process or procedure. I always hope for more self-criticism to match various trumpeting declarations of virtuous action or "I got this" watchdogging against others, because I think self-improvement and personal responsibility is where a tremendous amount of progress can be made. It also breaks my heart a little bit when a victory for one aspect of these issues is seen as innoculation against criticism based on another aspect. But to not be grateful that these discussions are being had, that these arguments are being made, that there might be changes in longstanding problems and that a better, kinder, more vibrant and more professional industry and community that could evolve is somehow not a goal? I don't know what to do with that. Let's keep going.
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