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January 3, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: Don Rosa Joins Carl Barks As Duck Artist Worth Hardcover Collections


I've hardly read any discussion of the Don Rosa hardcover reprints from Fantagraphics, and to be honest with you I haven't even read the two volumes I've received beyond that first plunge into them. I've read for pleasure, but I haven't done the kind of reading I'd need to do to talk about them with some semblance of authority regarding their artistic achievement. Still, I think it's really cool these exist, and that despite the unpleasant ending to the Rosa/Disney relationship that these books are seen by Disney as something of value and worthy of doing. Further, because of the long-standing friendship between Rosa and fellow kid-collector turned comics professional Gary Groth, these are books that can be done in a way that satisfies Rosa artistically.

They're really entertaining comics, too. Rosa isn't the natural cartoonist that Barks was, but he has an absolute sense of his storytelling rhythms. As the stories are more modern in nature, I can even see many fans preferring them. That's an achievement.
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