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January 4, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: Marvel Has A Book Reprint Series My Friends Seem To Like

imageI'm not going to pretend I know how Marvel appoaches collecting their books on any level, nor will I ever pretend that my appetite for what Marvel has done facilitates a refined aesthetic for their various format choices. I think the two great comics they've done are the initial runs Fantastic Four and Amazing Spider-Man; they've done about three to five wholly admirable comics with createors like Steve Gerber, and they've published dozens of comics I find entertaining enough to want to own if I come across them at a fair price point. So while a couple of longboxes purchased from Randy's Readers and a few black and white paperback trades bought through might do it for me, not everyone's me.

What I'm finding now with my comics-reading friends is that a good half-dozen will at my prompting proclaim their affection for their various color-comic hardcover lines, in particular their hopes for the Marvel Epic line (the bottom of these three lines here). These are series/character organized publications, which means that they anchor with a title like Amazing Spider-Man but might bring in material from some of the other Spider-Man titles if they feel it's necessary for narrative clarity. That seems sensible, as does a higher-end option for, say, someone that wants to read about the Vision character when he appears in this year's Avengers movie. We'll see how it goes -- they're printing out of order so there's always the risk that you end up with a series of books that's 1, 5, 17 and 24 and never gets around to the rest of it -- but I don't ever recall hearing enthusiasm from too many of my friends about Marvel publications with a spine.
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