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January 3, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: The TCAF Keynote With Lynn Johnston, Kate Beaton, Raina Telgemeier


I had a lot of fun at the TCAF Keynote address this year, enough fun I forgot to take pictures. What I believe was initially scheduled as a talk between Kate Beaton and Lynn Johnston -- two formidable Canadian cartoonists of different generations was changed to add the equally formidable Raina Telgemeier, a same-age peer of Beaton's and a devoted Johnston fan. I thought it was a really good panel. It was sort of presented to us as part of TCAF's commitment to throwing the spotlight on female creators, and everything that's great about that notion was certainly true there, I can imagine it was like a "pick a role model" contest for a lot of the beatific faces in attendance. All three are interesting in terms of contrast and comparisons, too, for instance that the "making a living part" of their cartooning careers are all very different. They're also all funny and smart and that was on display as well. It was a really good time.
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