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January 1, 2013

50 Comics Positives In 2012: That Avengers Movie Was Apparently Pretty Fun


That Marvel has turned out to be so relatively parsimonious with its publishing division and its founding creators given the unbelievable cash and cultural windfall it has enjoyed in recent years breaks my heart, but for a lot of my pals growing up this was their chief comic-book memory of this year, and it was a positive one. If we're going to have an Avengers movie, it might as well be one where the Hulk is played scary and funny, and there's a character at the end that lets you tell your buddy in the theater sitting next to you who that is, and everyone you want to see fight one another gets to fight one another. Also: Harry Dean Stanton.

I am additionally grateful that a few thousand dollars was raised by conscientious fans that matched (or supplemented) their ticket purchase with a donation to Hero Initiative -- not because anyone thought this would somehow "defeat" this entertainment juggernaut, or that anyone not overly optimistic thought this would raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, but because even a few grand buys someone a proper funeral or a couple of years of insulin and painkillers. Every bit helps. Every kindness counts.
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