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March 16, 2011

A Few Comics-Related Japan Crisis Updates

* I totally forgot the cartoonist Ryan Cecil Smith is in Japan. He's fine.

image* Keith Knight's cartoon on the whole matter is here.

* while Internet rumors indicating that Satoshi Tajiri was a victim of the earthquake/tsunami were authoritatively denied in several quarters, they persist for other creators, notably Yuko Shimizu and Aoyama Gosho. I would definitely definitely definitely describe this a story about the nature of Internet rumor-mongering until some actual news gets reported, but their nature -- why Tajiri, exactly? -- fascinates.

* the cartoonist Lars Martinson is donating proceeds from direct sale of his Japan-focused graphic novels to related charities.

* the CBR group blog Robot 6 notes Los Angeles manga/anime participation in a fund-raising effort. Here's an update on a charitable effort facilitated at least in part through the All About Manga site. Here's a round-up of related efforts at Daily Cross Hatch.

* major kudos to Tokyopop's Stuart Levy for lending a hand on the ground in the affected area.

* the news clearinghouse Anime News Network has a list up of delayed or otherwise-affected manga and anime releases. That same site has two valuable, continue-to-be-updated posts: an industry check-ins list, and a canceled events/exhibitions list.

* a stand-alone article at ANN discusses the cancellation of two sort-of competing events, including the Tokyo International Anime Fair, due to damage to the facility and restrictions on air travel.

* finally, a few of you sent in links to the official Viz statement from Monday.
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