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November 29, 2015

A Few Individual Cartoonists Told Me They Did Very Well On Small Business Saturday

imageI heard from three cartoonists Saturday to late Sunday, none of whom were interested in attribution, that a simple call-out of some sort to their followers on social media had a significant -- in the several hundred dollar range -- benefit on "Small Business Saturday." I don't know what that means, although one of my general theories of consumption is that more and more people want to be told what's important to buy, so that being told when to buy something might be an extension of that. This seems particularly likely to work that way in conjunction with the outside endorsement of that particular shopping campaign.

It's a story only in the sense that comics used to be much more disconnected from general shopping trends -- the market it had its own rhythms, or at least it failed to capitalize on a lot of conventional-wisdom concepts from general retail. It's only in the last few years we've started to see Thanksgiving weekend related sales from publishers and cartoonists at all, and there's an increasing number of books positioned to hit the gift-buying market. Someone like Milton Griepp would have to provide support or pull support from my assumption that these things collectively are a bigger deal to the bottom-line, but it certainly seems like there are opportunities there there maybe weren't before, and that at least some of them are being seized.
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