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April 25, 2017

A Few Late Thoughts On Gisele Legace Being Denied Entry At The US Border To Attend C2E2

imageDavid Pierce's report on the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund panel at C2E2 contains a smart summary and additional context on the story of artist Gisèle Legacé not being to get into the US for C2E2, and her undergoing the shitty process that saw her rejected for entry, fingerprinted and put on a list.

I only have two thoughts of any substance and even that's debatable.

One is that I'm sorry Legacé had this experience. That's just awful. I wouldn't come back, either, and if I were from somewhere not the US I'd be hesitant to try. I think we'll see a bit more of that, particularly if it continues.

Two is that we all need to give this some more thought in terms of preparing those traveling wherever they're going. This includes artists, publishers featuring artists and festivals themselves. Most do an exemplary job; this set of issues has been around for as long as I've been in comics. I'm not sure preparation played any role here, but it can't hurt in these times to review this kind of information-sharing. At this point I would imagine there are few surprises as to potential questions asked, and a mostly clear picture on what most countries likely to have a comics show allow or don't allow in terms of people doing business from out-of-country. My guess is everyone's script now needs to include what to do if an artist is held and/or rejected at any border.
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