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November 13, 2011

A Few Thoughts On Frank Miller Slamming The Occupy Movement

imageOkay, I really don't have anything of significance to say about the content of Frank Miller's recently expressed thoughts on the Occupy movement, and the whole thing strikes me as a deeply silly subject. But Miller's blog post is here. If you look around you can see people treating this as the kind of thing that passes for news these days, like this post at the EW site.

Someone a lot more interested than I am in the political views of comics creators could probably track Miller's political outlook through the opinions expressed on the conservative right that he espouses in a work like The Dark Knight Returns to what seems like a 180-degree turn in a work like Holy Terror. It never surprises me that someone becomes more conservative when they get older, but maybe some people still get shocked by that kind of thing. The political culture in this country seems to me so deeply disturbed that I'm not sure I can even grant a pair of views opposite status against which an individual might pivot, at least not without some really deep thought on the matter. These are crass, near-Orwellian times, when outright misstatements and misappropriations of thoughts and beliefs can be taken as true if they show any sign of success in the rhetorical marketplace. It could be that Miller has remained exactly the same while the world has pivoted underneath him. I couldn't possibly tell you.

I am more grateful than usual this morning to have grown up reading comics without ever having to be exposed to, say, Don McGregor's rants against Gerald Ford signing the Helsinki Accords. Or whatever. I mean, come on. Yuck.

I am also fully in support of an increased use of the word "louts" to describe one's political opponents. That's a great word, and always suggests to me beefy men wearing suspenders, tinged with perspiration, like the kind you see in some Clifford Odets play about tenements and broken dreams. It could definitely use re-branding.
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