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June 22, 2009

A Look Back At The Convention Weekend Just Past In Philadelphia, Charlotte

The first big weekend of summer convention season saw two shows that fairly straddle the line between regional (where they draw attendees) and national (overall notoriety professional guest list) prominence: HeroesCon in Charlotte, and Wizard World Philadelphia.

image* Mike Manley's yearly obliteration of the Philadelphia show is a tough read this time around but, as always, it's an entertaining one. Manley doesn't just suggest that a lack of big-name exhibitors, what seems to him declining attendance and a deflated air indicate a reeling convention, he pretty much throws it out there that comics itself is in danger of dying from the same disease, that the Wizard World show is an organ failing due to a cancer that may kill the entire body.

* in lieu of repeating myself, I'll stand behind this site's early Sunday wrap-up of buzz and initial stories from the floor. Expect to hear a bit more from the Longbox digital comics service launch as something that came out of HeroesCon; the Steven Hoveke being barred from WWP story will also probably get a more thorough workout from someone -- it just sounds to me like one of those things that happens when a company collapses and people with an intimate working knowledge of one another start to have resentments and agendas that clash in public.

* a sleeper story from this weekend may be the discussion of Owly's debut on the Kindle -- that one took place in Charlotte.

* this post by Heidi MacDonald indicates that DC was promoting its Wednesday Comics project at the WWP show. That's a compelling publishing news story, as DC goes off-format in a way that its primary market has a hard time digesting. The DC comics crowd has been trained through years of interconnected titles and crossovers to maximize their interface with the DC Universe, which a special format makes difficult. Within earshot of a pretty standard build-up focused on format offerings lopes along a discussion of whether or not this material will be made available in a more collectible format and when.
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