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October 20, 2010

A Pair Of Quick Zunar-Related Notes

There were a couple of pieces of commentary related to the ongoing crisis facing Zunar, the Malaysian cartoonist facing sedition charges for publishing cartoon work government officials claim threaten the public good, a potential final act following years of harassment and book-banning. This piece spotlights the troubling, conflicting messages that's coming from Malaysian officials regarding basic press freedoms we in the West take for granted. Zunar's case is brought up as someone who worked primarily in on-line portals in recent years. An editorial here takes a novel view of the political consequences of the matter using a conception that comics fans sometimes find distasteful: the fact that the government is spending resources to curtail the actions of a cartoonist may paint them in a ridiculous light, as an un-serious government when compared to others on the world stage and a ruling body that has its priorities all out of order.
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