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October 10, 2017

A Quick Word Directly From Brian Fies About His And Others Situations Re: The California Fires


Received this quick word from the graphic novelist (Mom's Cancer) and very nice man Brian Fies several moments ago, an update on the Santa Rosa cartooning scene ravaged by fire:
Just taking a few minutes to catch up on things and noticed your mention of me re: the Santa Rosa fire. Thanks for that. Here's the best I know about comics-related people:

My wife and I escaped from our home around 1:30 Monday morning with about 15 minutes warning. I lost virtually all my original art from Mom's Cancer, Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow, two new graphic novels I've been working on, and everything else I've ever drawn or painted in my life. However, I grabbed my computer backup so should have digital files. Haven't had the time or courage to check yet. Much of my little collection of other people's original comics art is destroyed; however, I saved my Winsor McCay "Gertie the Dinosaur" (my Grail Piece), a couple of Schulz sketches and a Pogo.

Jeannie and Craig Schulz both lost their respective homes but escaped. The Schulz Museum, Studio, and Ice Arena complex is fine, though it was very close. Paige Braddock says the Schulz Studio staff is all safe and accounted for.

Stephan Pastis was out of town; fire surrounded and swept past his home but he tells me it and his family are all right for now.

Tom Beland is OK. Brent Anderson is OK.

That's all that comes to mind. There's a lot of cartooning talent around here; I'm sure we'll be commiserating for a long time.
Thanks, Brian.

My heart and I'm sure many of yours goes out to Fies and his family and others in that community for all they've lost. Let's all hope for those backup files.
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