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June 21, 2009

A Quiet (Mostly) Convention Weekend?

Here's a few things I'm seeing around the Internet from Wizard World Philly and Charlotte's Heroes Con, the two big conventions taking place this weekend.

* former Wizard staffer Steven Hoveke of Square 1 Press was thrown out of WWP on Saturday morning after attending a full day on Friday. It sounds like he was at the show with at least two guests, Howard Chaykin and Walt Simonson.

* here's something that snuck up on me that I should have tracked more effectively: Rantz Hoseley unveiled his LongBox Digital Comics project in Charlotte.

* there are a number of title and creative team type announcements at such events, and both CBR and Newsarama cover them in thorough, almost breathless fashion as is their news mandate. This one stood out to me just because Marvel (and DC) could arguably stand to pay a lot more attention to their secondary licenses. It's not like future movies are dependent on fully-functioning comic book characters operating within their own comic books, but I have to imagine it wouldn't hurt. Dr. Strange has the best traditional Marvel origin story that's not Spider-Man's, and he's their best yet-to-be-used character for the age range of the traditional Hollywood leading man. Why shouldn't he have some juice on the page?

* Michael Cho is not happy to see someone roaming around Heroes Con in a t-shirt featuring his art.

* finally, I'm having almost no luck getting a handle on crowds from this flickr set of Heroes Con photos or this one from WWP, but if I had to guess neither one looks jammed. The first set works best right now as a nice look at the HC infrastructure; the best thing about the second set is a look at Hall of Fame comics convention media guest Virgil. This blog post says crowds are smaller at Philly this year. Wizard has a horrid reputation when it comes to releasing attendance figures, so we may never know.

The bulk of the weekend seems to be progressing in pretty normal fashion thus far in both locations. I'll likely repeat the majority of this post on Monday along with a Collective Memory entry on Heroes and anything else that's newsworthy.
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