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October 9, 2017

Various Sources: Schulz Homes, Fies Home Reported Destroyed In California Fires; All Families Safe

The best information I have at 5:30 AM ET on Tuesday, October 10:

Here was the initial report I saw on the Jean Schulz home, a post questioned by some for its particulars but then reinforced by word from those close to the Schulz-related community via various postings on Facebook. This was since expanded to include the home of Charles Schulz's son Craig Schulz.

My best information as of this time says the Museum and its holdings have not been touched by the fires in any way.

As for Brian Fies, one direct source and this tweet indicate the Mom's Cancer author and his family are safe but that they lost their home and all possessions, including original art.

The cartoonist Julia Wertz canceled East Coast events in support of her new work to return home and provide support for friends and family dislocated by the fires.

All of this information could be exchanged for better information, as well as supplanted by additional information as time progresses.

I don't really have anything to add except another low whistle of "how awful," relief for the families' safety and the general reported safety of the entire Schulz Museum crew, and a resolve I'm sure many share to help if there is anything to be done. All sympathy to everyone losing homes and the memory-filled items within, in addition to those affected by lives lost.
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