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July 8, 2008

Ages-Old Insta-Comic Mystery Solved


John Vest wrote in to say that he tracked down the old and oft-repeated (I heard it during my first day at work in comics, in 1994) story of Herb Trimpe supposedly doing an Iron Man comic book in 24 hours to meet a deadline by engaging the shocking strategy of asking the creator involved:

"Here's a bit of trivia from that panel. I took my copy of Iron Man #39 to the event and asked Herb Trimpe if he really had illustrated that comic in 24 hours which was rumored. Roy Thomas recognized the cover and remembered the issue. Herb Trimpe described the comic as a 'rush job.' He said he drew the cover in two hours and completed the comic in a couple of days."

So there you have it. There are a handful of mainstream comics rumored to have been done really, really quickly, but in the case of Iron Man #39 the comic retains an air of personal expression as opposed to the group, pitch-in nature of most comics that fall under this category. I frequently throw people off the trail of this book by insisting that it's Johnny Craig.
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