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March 27, 2009

And They Will All Live Like Cartoonists: The US Economy And Comics, Post #32

* the Christian Science Monitor ends daily print production and moves into a new sort-of weekly + web stuff status quo.

* although there are certainly a ton of similar moves generating news one could link to just about every day, I think it's probably worth making note of articles about a few significant newspapers, massive cuts at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, cuts at the Charlotte Observer and worries at the Washington Post. I think the moves in Atlanta are worth noting because the AJ-C is one of the last papers to make changes and a lot of southern papers were waiting to see what they would be. I think the Charlotte paper is worth nothing because Charlotte's financial difficulties have to my understanding mirrored the national one, as opposed to places like central Michigan where problems have been settling in for two or three years. I think the Post's worries worth noting because it's the freakin' Post.

* I still think that going non-profit will be of benefit to a few newspapers, particularly any that seek to move on-line and/or transfer ownership to its operators. Some of the stronger journalism sites on-line are supported by non-profit means. I don't know why it requires a bill, let alone a bill stuffed with goofy-sounding provisions, but maybe I just don't get it.

* I guess there are a bunch of posts out there speculating on whether or not Borders will roll over and stick all four paws in the year sooner rather than later, and if sooner could mean next week. I think everyone knows Borders is deeply sick, and most people expect it could go away any time, so I'm not sure what being first on when gets you other than a few blog hits. A world without Borders wouldn't be all that different for most people, I don't think. Still, I'm sure there are a lot of young people and not so young people between the coasts for whom their local Borders is a haven, and many people working for the bookstore chain for whom it's a good job. As far as its impact on comics publishing, it should be interesting to see how much pressure that puts on a system, because the system has been warned well in advance that Borders is in trouble.

* this article suggests that any newspaper that seeks to go on-line will struggle to find its exact niche for a while after doing so, and may be better for it.

* this letter says that Craigslist isn't killing classifieds, but then goes on to suggest something else is when the evidence suggests nothing is, so God knows what's going on there. I think the eyeball test that something is strangling life from the classifieds indicates holds true for most people. If anyone knows of a more sophisticated article on this, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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