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November 4, 2008

And They Will All Live Like Cartoonists: The US Economy And Comics, Post #4

* the comics site ComicMix looks to have made downsizing part of its already-reported shift in emphasis to the publishing side of their original model.

* a few more comments have been added to the general thoughts round-up on the present recession and comics. If nothing else, check out Lou Wysocki's description of just how not-mainstream comic books are in a lot of respects when you do some facile comparisons. It is one of the recurring ideas on this site that comics would frequently be better off thinking of itself in strictly realistic terms as to its ability to reach various audiences, and it's our further belief that great, personally satisfying art and people profiting in ethical fashion from that art are more important goals than replicating industry demographics circa 1947.

* the prominent blogger Dirk Deppey has a few thoughts of his own on that round-up and the issues raised there. I'm still not certain why comics just doesn't develop a model for on-line distribution that involves and/or encourages the participation of existing retailers.

* the folks at Barnes and Noble hand out the firearms and face paint and brace for dark days ahead. A more immediate concern: majorly conservative ordering, which could have a severe impact on a lot of smaller publishers without really, really effective distribution partners, as well as a lot of mid-list material even when they have them.
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