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June 19, 2009

And They Will All Live Like Cartoonists: The US Economy And Comics, Post #42

* this article at Wall Street Journal is the first one I've seen -- not that I've been really looking -- about the state of plans at Barnes and Noble in terms of opening new stores and closing old ones. The upshot is they'll be doing less of the former than they thought and more of the latter.

* the top 30 news site and top 30 newspaper site lists are always fun to read. All they really say to me is that this is an arena that's far from settled in terms of what's going to attract customers and keep them long-term.

* since Heroes Con starts today, that means it's the one-year anniversary of the May 2008 DM numbers, where the first issue of DC's long-planned Final Crisis came in a weak second to a not-premiere issue of Marvel's less-at-stake Secret Invasion series. One thing I remember hearing at the time is that the order of the finish wasn't as important as the fact that a lot of these top comics enjoyed quite healthy sales, thank you very much, a line of thinking that was definitely not revisited when the May 2009 serial comic book numbers dropped.
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