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December 21, 2010

Andrew Farago On A Financial Crisis At San Francisco Retailer Al’s Comics


Andrew Farago has written in with news of another retailer in major trouble, this time Al's Comics in San Francisco. Al's is seeking immediate help in the form of sales, and an outside angel-style investor. Farago:
"One of my favorite San Francisco comic shop's, Al's Comics, is in big financial trouble, and basically needs a Christmas miracle to survive into 2011. As with many comics shops, Al's business had been getting by for years (21 of them!) on a week-to-week basis, but this past year has been very tough for retailers, and the past three months have been especially difficult.

Al's Comics has a great location on San Francisco's historic Market Street, and I've got no doubt that if Al can find an investor to help with this round of bills, he'll get everything back on track pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the hammer's coming down on Thursday, so Al needs immediate help from someone. If you can get the word out, please consider posting something on your web site. His e-mail address is, and his phone number is 415-861-1220 to place an order.

Comic fans in San Francisco should drop by the shop and buy what they can -- I'm sure anything helps at this point. In addition to that, though, it would be great if someone with deep pockets and a love of comics can talk to Al about bigger -- and immediate -- help.

Thanks for your consideration.
I would imagine anything anyone can do to help would be appreciated, even though it's clear they need major help not just a boost in sale. We wish the retailer and its patrons the best of luck.
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