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January 20, 2019

Angouleme Week Arrives With Emmanuel Guibert, Rumiko Takahashi, Chris Ware Your Grand Prix Finalists


FIBD 2019 launches this week with three solid Grand Prix Finalists named six days ago, all boasting some level of popularity and sales success: Emmanuel Guibert, Rumiko Takahasi and Chris Ware.

I don't keep up with the ins and outs of the awards from year to year, but certainly that trio fulfills some of the general expressed hopes for a double-tiered voting system when the show moved in that direction. I would be happy for any of the three. That second link above should give vote details as to how that vote came together. Like many votes in comics, they were flattened a bit in terms of sheer numbers of those considered.

I also failed to post this year's official selection. That's the first step in designating several awards given out at the festival: a list of 40 to 45 book from which several awards finalists are named, including a tighter list dubbed the Essentials for that festival.

As usual, there's a bunch of interesting stuff on the list for a North American fan: Nina Bunjevac, Frank Santoro, Tom King/Mitch Gerards, Emil Ferris, Jeff Lemire, Jesse Jacobs and Nick Drnaso and a smattering of artists familiar from translation here. It does seem very male dominated broken down that way, which always needs to examined and discussed and potentially acted upon. I don't know that Santoro is the first English-language cartoonist to be nominated for work initially published in a language not the cartoonist's on, but it's a possibility.

Best of luck to all nominees and the winners announced this week.

* Aile froide, Olivier Bocquet and Jean-Marc Rochette (Casterman)
* Alice dans le Sussex, Nicolas Mahler (L'Association)
* Andy, un conte, faits, Typex (Casterman)
* À travers, Tom Haugomat (Éditions Thierry Magnier)
* L'Arabe du futur Vol. 4, Riad Sattouf (Allary)
* Bezimena, Nina Bunjevac (Ici Même)
* Blue Giant Vol. 3, Shinichi Ishizuka (Glénat)
* Bolchoi Arena Vol. 1, Aseyn and Boulet (Delcourt)
* La Cantine, minuit Vol. 3, Yarô Abe (Le Lézard Noir)
* Charlotte impératrice Vol. 1, Matthieu Bonhomme and Fabien Nury (Dargaud)
* Les Chefs d'oeuvre, Lovecraft Vol. 1, Gou Tanabe (Ki-oon)
* Chroniques du léopard, Téhem and Appollo (Dargaud)
* Claudine à l'école, Lucie Durbiano (Gallimard)
* Courtes distances, Joff Winterhart [Ça et Là]
* Dansker, Halfdan Pisket (Presque Lune)
* Deux femmes, Song Aram [Ça et Là]
* Les Grands Espaces, Catherine Meurisse (Dargaud)
* Heimat, Nora Krug (Gallimard)
* Il faut flinguer Ramirez Vol. 1, Nicolas Petrimaux (Glénat)
* Indélébiles, Luz (Futuropolis)
* Istrati! Volume Two: L'écrivain, Golo (Actes Sud BD)
* Kimi le vieux chien, Nylso (Misma)
* Lune du matin, Francesco Cattani (Atrabile)
* Malaterre, Pierre-Henry Gomont (Dargaud)
* Moi, ce que j'aime, c'est les monstres, Emil Ferris, (Monsieur Toussaint Louverture)
* Peintures, guerre, Angel, la Calle (Otium)
* Pittsburgh, Frank Santoro [Ça et Là]
* Pline Volume Five: Sous les vents d'éole, Tori Miki and Mari Yamazaki (Casterman)
* Renaissance Volume One: Les Déracinés, Emem, Duval and Blanchard (Dargaud)
* Les Rigoles, Brecht Evens (Actes Sud BD)
* Royal City Volume Two: Sonic Youth, Jeff Lemire, (Urban Comics)
* Sabrina, Nick Drnaso (Presque Lune)
* Saltiness Vol. 3, Minoru Furuya (Akata)
* Servir le Peuple, Yan Lianke and Alex W. Inker, (Sarbacane)
* Sheriff of Babylon, Mitch Gerards and Tom King (Urban Comics)
* Sous la maison, Jesse Jacobs (Tanibis)
* Spirou: L'Espoir malgré tout Volume One, Émile Bravo (Dupuis)
* Sunny Sunny Ann!, Miki Yamamoto (Pika)
* Ted, drôle, coco, Émilie Gleason (Atrabile)
* The Artist Volume Two: Le cycle Éternelde, Anna Haifisch (Misma)
* Théodore Poussin Volume: Le Dernier Voyage, l'Amok, Frank le Gall (Dupuis)
* Le Vol nocturne, Delphine Panique, (Cornélius)
* Voyages en Égypte and en Nubie, Giambattista Belzoni Volume Two: Deuxième voyage, Grégory Jarry, Lucie Castel and Nicole Augereau (FLBLB)
* Wonderland Volume Three, Yugo Ishikawa (Panini Manga)
* Xibalba, Simon Roussin (2024)

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