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July 6, 2009

Anyone Want To Buy My Peanuts?


I own the March 27, 1970 Peanuts, the one that's represented above. I'd like to be rid of it. I don't have any financial difficulties, although I know the Internet loves to rally around a cause so maybe I shouldn't admit that. I'm not rich, but I'm fine. I just don't like having all of this stuff, and I'd like to get rid of all of it, and this seemed like the place to start. I'd also like to send my wonderful Mom to Hawaii. I figured this might be a way to do that, although I can manage that as well if this doesn't come through.

This is a good one, I think. It's a clean original (not a lot of reworking). It's attractively framed. I can't see the entire art, because it's matted, but the frame goes 35 inches by 13.5 inches and the exposed art as seen below goes 27.25 by 6.5 inches. It has Snoopy, the doghouse and an early Woodstock. It's signed "To The Wiley Spurgeons with best wishes Charles M. Schulz" -- but it's faded a bit so you don't really see it unless you really look. There is a crease in the middle, which you can't see when it's on your wall but we took a really unflattering picture of it so you can see what it's like -- Gary Dunaier tells me that Schulz mailed his strips folded in half, so it should be pretty common. I think my dad got it at a charity auction run by a syndicate...? Not sure of the pedigree, actually.

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I've read in the last four months of Peanuts strips going for $17,000 to over $30,000, so maybe there's re-sell value, I don't know. I think it's a swell strip, though. I'll read e-mails with any kind of offer in them. I have a price in mind, and if you go over that when no one else does I swear I won't screw you and I will have you pay the lower price. I can send a couple dozen pictures in response to serious inquiries. I hope the fact that I operate in public here at CR will convince that I won't trick you and that we'll push through the payment process with deliberation and care on both sides.

Here are pictures of the strip as framed, the faded writing and the crease.


I apologize for running this on the blog for the next few days
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