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December 30, 2015

Assembled Extra: Comics Studies Society Newsletter Launch

There's an e-mail that almost slipped past me announcing the launch of the inaugural issue of the Comics Studies Society newsletter. That's the group that was formed in 2014 at ICAF (they had their first public meetings, anyway; sometimes a formal beginning is hard to track with a non-profit group) by people such as Charles Hatfield and Susan Kirtley to provide some organizational backbone to the growing comics scholar community.

One of the nice things about this happening with this group of scholars, those 35 to 50 right this moment, is that most of them have a history of writing for sources outside of academia in addition to being published for the classroom, and so a lot of their writing is accessible. That's true here, too. Add it to the list of things to read and encourage your friends teaching comics to look into the group more widely, or at least put it in their head for a future date.
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