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June 30, 2019

Assembled Extra: Farewell To Tim Hodler At

The longtime co-editor at TCJ on-line iteration announced his last day on Friday. I wish him the best of luck in everything that he wants to do with that extra time and energy, and thank him for how I and other comics fans benefited from his presence at the Journal.

I was not someone who particularly recognized the version of the magazine immediately preceding Hodler and longtime friend and professional colleague Dan Nadel moving their Comics Comics take on things to Gary Groth's big top. Hodler and Nadel and later Tucker Stone, who remains at the publication, did some things better than anyone in the Journal editorial tree: I admire greatly the seriousness with which older comics and cartoonists were engaged even as direct fun of that tendency was made. There being a place for Underground-era cartoonists to open up as members of their generation faded into obscurity and even oblivion is a valuable historical contribution I hope will be saved for posterity. Although I don't think it's the first thing younger cartoonists think of of any Journal iteration, I learned new cartoonists and read new writers there all of the time. Whatever contribution Tim made to the site's "Diary" feature earns him an extra gold star.

His has always been a fine critical voice as well.

Thanks again, Tim! And good luck to Tucker and what he has planned!
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