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March 16, 2016

Assembled Extra: Zainab Akhtar To Shutter Comics & Cola

Via this tweet, the well-respected and widely-read writer about comics Zainab Akhtar announced the imminent of her site, Comics & Cola. I don't know an exact count, but I think it's fair to say that's the place she's done the majority of her writing about comics over the last several years.

Akhtar cites comics' "toxic culture" and "other people's racism and sexism and bigotry" as major contributing factors to her decision. She also cites this essay posted to her site, written by Kim O'Connor as talking about the kind of issues that led to her decision.

It's distressing for anyone to leave behind something they do very well, particularly for the reasons involved. I hope that we'll honor her request to confront these issues. I also want to congratulate Akhtar for the run she had with the site, and wish her every happiness with whatever she chooses to do with the time she used to spend on Comics & Cola. That site has been very instructive for me, particularly in terms of newer UK work.
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