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March 9, 2005

Barbara Brandon-Croft Ending Strip

Cartoonist Barbara Brandon-Croft has announced to Editor and Publisher she'll soon be ending her strip Where I'm Coming From. Where I'm Coming From became nationally syndicated in 1991 after a limited-paper run starting in 1989. You may remember the strip; it's pretty graphically distinctive, although I had a hard enough time reading it I didn't know until today there were recurring characters.

The Brooklyn-based cartoonist has long been known as the only African-American woman with a syndicated strip, and although I'm not sure why the syndicates can't just confirm this, may have been the first black female with a strip from a major syndicate. She confirms the reason it's going is disinterest, telling E&P her client list had dwindled to seven newspapers, approximately 1/10 of what a feature generally needs to remain profitable for its backers.

For some reason, upon reading this I flashed back to seeing her on CNN with Patrick McDonnell.
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