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January 30, 2009

Bart Beaty In Angouleme 2009—04

imageBy Bart Beaty, Via Phone

Dateline Mercure. Calmer than normal. You can reach the bar in less than 10 minutes. Where is everyone?

I caught the final exhibition and liked it a lot. The Flemmish showcased a ton of new artists in innovative ways. I went to buy some of their books, but many were already sold out. One great thing about Angou is the way entire scenes can come into focus, as this one did. Their party got lukewarm reviews though. No rival to the Finnish blowout of years past.

No clear consensus for book of the year yet. Maybe Winshluss' Pinocchio, which would also get most desired derivative toy.

I talked with Ruppert and Mulot, and it's true -- their show has come under criticism from the crew at Artemisia.

The good mood persists. Everyone is thinking that this is another really good festival. We drink until dawn and await the arrival of the crowds...


Bonus: Photo by Charles Orr of our man Bart at Ruppert and Mulot's controversial "maison close."

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