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November 13, 2009

Bart Beaty With More On Funding Stand-Off Situation At Angouleme

From Bart Beaty:

As I predicted last week, the large publishers have responded to the suggestion that they maybe pay more for the space that is afforded them at Angouleme with a blunt: Non.

In a letter to the Philippe Lavaud, Louis Delas of Casterman indicates that it already costs too much for them to build attractive stands, and to move their books and their people to Angouleme. Delas claims that Casterman loses 250,000 Euros each year by participating in the FIBD, and considers that a marketing cost. It is suggested that if additional costs are incurred that some of the publishers would have to rethink their participation in the event, although there is no explicit threat to pull out at this time.

The association of comic book publishers also reminds Lavaud that without the FIBD Angouleme would have no public image in France, and that the city needs to recognize that they have the most to lose in this standoff.



Well, that didn't take long. Mayor Philippe Lavaud of Angouleme has already issued a response, in which he reaffirms the city's desire to host the 2010 FIBD, but also restates his case that the city of 43,000 inhabitants is already massively financially invested in the event (to the tune of more than 1,000,000 Euros each year) and that they shouldn't be the ones to carry the entire load.

Also, a reminder that the press conference for FIBD, at which time most of the major events and exhibitions will be formally announced, takes place just three weeks from today. Hopefully these issues will all be resolved by that time, or that will be one fascinating afternoon.

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