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November 21, 2013

BCA 2013 Kick-Off: Garen Ewing Wins Young People Comics Awards For The Complete Rainbow Orchid


According to a lengthy post at the FPI Blog, the British Comic Awards got underway earlier today when Garen Ewing was named the winner of Young People Comic Awards for is The Complete Rainbow Orchid, which was published by Egmont. This is an award where they roped in a significant number of school children to decide the winner, some of whom were in attendance at the award naming today. Other nominees were:

* Cindy & Biscuit #3, Dan White (self published)
* Hilda & The Bird Parade, Luke Pearson (NoBrow/Flying Eye Books)
* Playing Out, Jim Medway (Blank Slate Books)
* The Sleepwalkers, Vivianne Schwarz (Walker Books)

I think they're using the plural with "awards" there; apologies if I'm wrong
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