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December 15, 2015

Bill Leak Cartoon About India And The Paris Climate Accords Draws International Fire

Here. It's a pretty standard article in terms of the shape of the pushback (from media in areas of spotlighted interested) and where the original cartoon comes from (a Murdoch newspaper). One thing that's a little bit different? The cartoon is slammed in two waves: first for the racist implications of its central message, then for the component parts of how that message is executed. That's not as common as you think, and indicates the constricting nature of Internet-based opinion-making as people seek out another rock to throw in order to win their point.

It strikes me as a really bad cartoon. What I can't tell is if there's a cynicism about it, that it's purposefully crude in order to generate some juice on its behalf, leading to articles of complaint like this one.
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