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June 17, 2011

Bob Haney And Dell Connell To Receive 2011 Finger Award


Bob Haney and Del Connell will be recipients of this year's Bill Finger Award for Achievement In Comic Book Writing. The Finger Award has been awarded since 2005 in San Diego at the Eisner Awards ceremony Friday night of Comic-Con International. It goes to one living (in this, case Connell) and one dead writer in honor of the work they've done without perhaps seeing the plaudits they've deserved.

Haney (1926-2004) was one of the most prominent mainstream comics writers of his day, contributing mostly to DC Comics in a variety of genres including several of the 1960s' best-regarded efforts from that company. He was the co-creator of Metamorpho and The Doom Patrol. Connell is a former Disney Studios artist who began work for Dell Comics and Western Publishing Company in 1950, joining the editorial staff in 1954. He was a prolific writer for that company as an editor, contributing to a variety of character and TV-concept adaptations. He also wrote for the Mickey Mouse newspaper strip.

The selection committee is writer and comics historian Mark Evanier, Charles Kochman of Abrams, cartoonist and comics historian Scott Shaw!, writer Kurt Busiek, and writer and editor Marv Wolfman.
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